More Than Just a Meal…

I truely feel that in this current day and age, the family is hurting for time together. Show me a family that makes meal time a priority in their home (i.e. all together at the same time, around the same table), and I’ll show you a strong family.

I am a mom of young kids and we are busy in our home! But to me, meal time is family time. There is something more important than just food going on. There is a sense of togetherness and a sense of comraderie. The dinner table is a place where important life lessons are learned and exemplified! Social skills, good manners and much more are all taught around a dinner table-no matter whether it’s yours or someone elses.

I know it is hard to coordinate schedules and perhaps it is impossible for a family to be eating around the table together every night of the week. But make it a priority in your home, especially if you like to cook.  And, to all those who cook in the house (be it Mom or Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or the like) invite your kids into the kitchen too. It takes some patience and gentle instruction, but it teaches them so much.

Cooking is about more than just a meal!


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