Thoughts on Sugar….

I’m a sugar snob. There, I came out and said it. Whew, I feel so much better about myself now. I actually forget who recommended Baker’s Sugar to me, thus making me the snob that I am. Someone I know who also likes to cook. I want to say a St. Louis person…hmmmm…

Anyway, I always use Baker’s Sugar when I bake. Why? What is Baker’s Sugar?

Well, Baker’s Sugar is just sugar that has been ground extra fine. The stuff is like dust…it’s just beautiful! I think it’s considered pulverized,…which sounds like a fun job. Can you imagine asking someone what they do and they respond, “I pulverize sugar”. Nice…

Anyway, the result is wonderful in baking. It dissolves much more quickly in liquid and gives a lovely texture to whatever you’re whipping up.

That’s all I have to say. If I was really cool, I’d have pictures so you can see the difference. But obviously I’m not that cool. Instead, here’s a website that tells you more about sugar than I bet you know now. 🙂

For future reference, whenever you see sugar mentioned here, just remember that’s the kind I use in the recipes.


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