Bulgur Wheat Pilaf

1 Cup Bulgur Wheat
2 Cups chicken stock
2 T butter

To Prepare:
In the microwave or over the stove top, heat 2 Cups of Chicken Stock (or other stock according to your taste) until boiling. (You can use water if you want, but if you do, add a dash of salt.)

In a saucepan, measure out 2 Tablespoons of butter.  Heat until melted and add 1 cup of bulgur wheat. Cook until a nutty aroma wafts your way…about a minute.

When the stock is heated to boiling, turn off the heat and pour over the bulgur. (Make sure you remove the pan from the heat source.) Cover and allow to set for 15 minutes or until all the liquid is absorbed.  Serve and enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Bulgur Wheat Pilaf

  1. OK, so where do you find this in the grocery store? I had a recipe that called for it and I was in a huge hurry and didn’t really have time to figure out where it was. I substituted quinoa in the recipe I mentioned and it was fine, but I still want to get bulgur wheat to try with it!

  2. Hey Nicole! Bob’s Red Mill produces the bag I bought. I got it in the organic/health food section of the commissary. I’m not sure how readily available it is, but I would imagine Trader Joe’s to have it too.

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