What to Make for Dinner?

Lately, I am in a cooking funk. A ditch. A rut. I am feeling lack luster about it. I LOVE to cook. It isn’t that I don’t want to continue, I just don’t have any fun ideas. I’m bored and I think we’ve done the chicken dish, pasta dish, taco night -rotation a little too much lately. So, I’m super ready for something new and different.

Enter the internet. When in doubt, just scour it. I hit up Allrecipes and was feeling pretty “eh” about it, so I continued on to Real Simple Magazine’s site. AH-HA! Hurray! Fun ideas!

A trip to the store is in my near and not-so-distant future, so I picked out the recipes that sounded the best, printed them out and wrote a grocery list accordingly.  (If you don’t do this process now, I guarantee you will save money, time and stress by taking 1/2 hour of your week to accomplish this! You can do it!)

Here are the recipes I will be testing out next week:

Slow-cooker Squash Lasagna
Last Minute Lasagna – this is actually stacked ravioli
Easy Shepherd’s Pie
Chicken Curry in a Hurry
Chicken pot pie Empanadas

I have to admit that I don’t plan to follow these recipes to a “T”…they inspired me and I have fun ideas about how I can jazz them up. So each day next week, I’ll be cooking one of these recipes, taking pictures and posting my ideas and feedback here. Who knows, maybe next week you’ll be inspired too!

If any of this sparks you, note it here in the comments and let me know how you tweaked the recipe or what you and your family thought! Let’s cook!


6 thoughts on “What to Make for Dinner?

  1. DB says:

    Hi Tiffany, I can emphathize with you, as I sometimes struggle to come up with new ideas for my own food blog. Sometimes, it’s whatever happens to be on sale the day I am at the grocery store and then I’ll head to the internet for some dish ideas.

    One site I use a lot is foodbuzz.com. It’s a social networking site for food bloggers but their recipe search function is very helpful because you can search by type of dish(appetizer? dinner?), cooking method (boiled? grilled? fried?) and specific ingredients.

    Hit me up at Food By DB if you get a chance.

  2. I doubt I could talk the fam into an all Greek week…even I might get tired of it after a couple of days. 😀

    Nicole, yay! I’m sure you will post your experience on your cooking blog! I’ll await it!

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