“From Scratch”

After I got married I really started to experiment with my cooking. It was a fun time filled with some successes and a LOT of failures. Out of that time, I developed a deep enjoyment for making things from scratch. This is back before the “don’t eat processed food” trend, so I didn’t really think much of it. To me, it was an opportunity to control things within the recipe, to see what was in the things I was eating and to understand how it all worked together. It’s how I found my good recipes and tossed the bad ones!

Now days, whenever I bring something to share for a meal or snack, or when I cook for someone, if they know me they’ll inevitably ask, “did you make this from scratch?”. Of course I did! The response is often something along the lines of “I could never do that”, “I just don’t have the time for that kind of cooking” and “I don’t want to learn how to do that because then I’ll want to have it around too often” (that one is usually in regards to something sweet!). An evil look  or an eye roll can accompany that too, but I know it’s all in good fun.

My response to all those statements is “YES YOU CAN!” and “It’s not as hard or as burdensome/time consuming as you may think” and “the trick is to learn to give it away”. Think about it. Let’s talk about a cake mix. If you plan to make cupcakes or a cake and you purchase a boxed cake mix, you still need oil, eggs, and water. All that box has done for you is handled measuring and mixing the dry ingredients.  You still have to do all the same steps of adding the wet to the dry, taking care of the pan etc. Not to mention you have to remember to buy the box mix when you are at the store.

Make a cake or cupcakes from scratch and all you need is a recipe and what you probably already have on hand at home!

I still make things from a box sometimes. Just last week I made lemon bars from a box mix. I was pressed for time, wanted something lemon-y and knew that yes, that recipe would be a bit more involved. The box mix was delish! There’s a time and a place for from scratch recipes.

I encourage you to step out a bit and maybe try your hand at making things from scratch just for fun. If there is a food that comes in a box then guess what? Someone had to be making that from scratch at some point before it went commercial. If you Google “how to make crackers from scratch” you’d be amazed at all the recipes that pop up. Crackers, Cereal bars and even Marshmallows and Mayonnaise are all over the internet with recipes of how to make them yourself at home. It’s a fun way to get yourself to stop and think about what goes into your food and therefore in your body. Try it sometime! You might just get hooked and start annoying all your friends and family with your from scratch experiments too!


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