This Week’s Meal Plan January 10-19ish, 2014

I apologize for all the links, but this is the way I am meal planning these days! As soon as I’m hungry and have about 30 minutes, I hop on to Pinterest and check out what I’ve pinned lately and what sounds good. Here is this week’s meal list with links!

Crock Pot Beef with Broccoli – I’ve made this before and it is really easy and delish! I remember that we ate every last bit of it though-I will double the amount of meat this time. Brown rice and maybe some skillet Chinese dumplings (from the frozen food section at the grocery until I figure out how to make them myself!)

Cheesy chicken with bacon and avocado quesadillas-This is a new recipe I can’t wait to try. I think we’ll have a big salad with it.

BLT with poached egg sammies-This will most likely be something I make for Saturday breakfast. I think I’ll make some sweet potato hash to go with it!

Greek yogurt mac n cheese-This is a new recipe that I’m really banking on being good. I might cry if it’s not! I’m planning on a sharp white cheddar and maybe a colby cheese.

Greek skillet-This recipe is an old stand by; I make it often and it is well loved! I use green beans (instead of spinach) and lean ground turkey meat in it. The cinnamon is very good in this recipe!

Spicy oven baked fish with Crash hot sweet potatoes-This is a new recipe too and a big risk for my non-fish eating family. I LOVE fish and I’m constantly trying to sneak it in unsuccessfully. I’ll make this on a night that my hubby has class and it’s just me and the kiddos.

Chicken zucchini skillet-this isn’t a link to a recipe, just a picture. But you get the idea. I’ll most likely sub red peppers for the tomatoes and season it with Thyme and Oregano and garlic. Mmmmm….I think I’ll be making rice as an accompaniment.

Fresh 5-Ingredient French Bread-I’ve been making this bread recipe a lot lately and I just love it! I can start it at 2:30 pm and have perfect bread by dinner time. It’s so-so-so good. We eat an entire loaf in one sitting!

Other meals I have stuff on hand for are turkey tacos (crunchy!), spaghetti, and this Lemon Chicken recipe. Mmmm….I’m hungry!

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