This Week’s Meal Plan 8/11-8/17

Red Beans and Rice-this may end up looking a little different than the recipe. But this is the base I’ll use. I think I have an extra large can of diced tomatoes that I’ll use anyway and I know I want okra and chopped green chilies in there. I do not have a green pepper so I’ll improvise!

Grilled Honey Salmon-I have two fillets and while this sounds and looks delightful, I might put BBQ sauce on one fillet and this recipe on the other. Just for fun and diversity!

Stuffed Peppers-My husband was shocked at how good these were last time I made them. I have garlic and herb goat cheese and baby spinach to go in these this time. Yum!

Vegetable Soup-This is a good base for a vegetable soup however, I’ll probably use it as a guide and add my own flare. I prefer to do my own thing with what I have on hand and this is just such an excellent way to use up my veggies that are in need of being used before they are lost!

Thai Lettuce Wraps-I love that I won’t need a special lettuce for these-mostly because I always have romaine on hand. Can’t wait!

Tacos or maybe These Tacos-We usually use lean ground turkey when we have our taco nights. I often add in my own taco seasoning (as this recipe recommends and provides) and dab a bit of salsa in for added depth. However, the other tacos I linked to are delightful for a fun twist. Especially if you have limes, cilantro and corn tortilas at the ready. (I add lots more green chilies to my version of the recipe!)

Egg Sandwiches-2/3 of my children like eggs…but I’m going to keep presenting them! They just haven’t tried them enough times I think!

Pumpkin Whole Wheat Waffles-we already ate these and they were DIVINE! I used coconut oil, added 1 tsp of vanilla and upped the milk a bit (say by 1/3 extra cup) for this recipe.

Lemon Chicken-we already ate this and I loved it! Just the right amount of lemon flavor came through.


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